What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a system that promotes health, wellbeing, joy and relaxation through specific dance and group movement exercises that are induced by the rhythm and melody of inspiring music. It develops various levels of connection and bonding with oneself, with one another, and with the universe. And it opens the individual to owning and joyfully expressing ones true identity.

Biodanza sees The human being as a comprehensiveness  of the biological, the psychological and the social as well of  the emotional, behavioral, mental and bodily, it is this unity that generates harmony and balance in human development.
Nowadays there is more than 100 Biodanza Schools around the world and the System keeps evolving with more experiences and researches. There is further qualification to facilitated specific  groups, working with Children and Teenagers was  a very Important matter for Rolando and the whole community of Biodanza since the beginning,.
BIODANZA, from :
Bio = Life       Danza =Dance
What are the effects of Biodanza?
From a physiological point of view:
Biodanza works as an anti-stress therapy, helping to regulate sleep and blood pressure.  It gives participants a feeling of expanded vital life force energy, and helps develop the ability to self-regulate, balancing action and rest, and strengthening the individual's immune system.
From a psychological point of view:
Biodanza works as an antidepressant.  The stimulation from the music, movement and relationship with the group provoke a positive reaction, that is reinforced by the physiological effect of the class; during the first part of class, rhythm and joy,  stimulate adrenaline and noradrenaline and, in the second part of class as we let go and return to our divine essence, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are stimulated regulating mood and generating well-being.
From an existential point of view:
Biodanza reinforces self-esteem, because we stimulate the joy and pleasure of being alive.  It improves relationships with others, and reinforces a confidence in personal self-expression.
Dance movement encounter and non verbal communication
Biodanza has great potential for children and young people who find traditional classroom learning approaches difficult. The physical movement and emotional energy is a release from activities based solely on the intellect. It provides a refreshing and innovative alternative for auditory and visual learners too.
Biodanza is a natural fit within the expressive arts of drama, dance and music, as well as within the non-statutory PSHE curriculum