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Biodanza: music movement and the group

you will explore the benefits not only in the physical health aspect but also in the social integration. “Since discovering Biodanza I have been aware of the power of dance and music to reveal our layers allowing communication with authenticity without words”.

Welcome to the Den

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Biodanza in a Nutshell

The Poetry of the Human Encounter.

Biodanza is more than just a dance or movement practice. Biodanza is a system that allows every single participant to (re-)discover their real nature through their instincts.

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The Origin Story of Biodanza

The Chilean Wonder.

The creator of the  Biodanza  was Rolando Toro Araneda , during his work on a mental institution he realized  how music and movement could induce many emotional and physical states, enabling integration and balance or the opposite. Because Rolando followed many careers, including school teacher, psychologist, honorary medical doctor, medical researcher, poet, artist, African art collector and anthropologist – all of them contributed to the development of Biodanza System, been this the work of his life .

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Biodanza Classes


The venues will be confirmed shortly. They will be in the Easton area of Bristol, UK.

What the Regular Biodanza Participants Say


Eva is the best.

Hanson Deck, Teacher, Fishponds

I have never felt as good in my life.

Miles Tone, Nurse, Easton

For the first time in my life I could connect with complete strangers.

Eleanor Carr, Hairstylist, St.Pauls

I love it. I absolutely love it. All my life I put up barriers in the presence of other people. In Biodanza I can connect with total strangers in the most meaningful way without saying a single word! Mind blowing!

Gordon Norman, Web Designer, Montpellier

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